Will you document my hobby or collections?

  • Absolutely yes!


How much will it cost me?

  • We have a flat fee of $300.00 for 1 ½ hours of documentary. If it is going to take longer than 1 ½ hours, we will agree on a fair price.


What if I want more than one copy of my documentary?

  • We have a nominal fee for extra copies. It is less expensive if you get your extra copies at the same time as you get your original.


What if I want to document some difficult or private issues?

  • We have a confidentiality form that our clients receive. We take confidentiality very seriously.  You would have to sign a release form for any of your documentary to be used in any other way.  If you wish the master of your documentary to be destroyed, we will do that free of charge for you.


What if I would like to share my story with others? Will there be a way to do that?

  • That would be one of the reasons to ask for extra copies of your documentary. We can now put parts of your stories on our website and our dedicated Youtube channel.


Do I have to come to a studio?

  • We come to you.  We feel it is more comfortable for you to be in your own environment.


I want to do this, but I am not sure how to tell my story.

  • No Problem! We have well thought out questions to help you tell your story.


I have Alzheimer’s. What if I have trouble remembering?

  • We like to do those documentaries in the morning when a person is fresh. If we have to come back to get the rest of your story for that reason, there will be NO extra charge.


What if my spouse and I want to do a documentary together?

  • That’s not a problem. It is YOUR story and we want you to tell it YOUR way.